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April 20
Building or Improving Your Strategic Plan for Reducing Chronic Absenteeism and Truancy

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First in Attendance Improvement Expert Series

Identifying and Targeting Barriers and Sub-Groups/Student Groups

Identifying the specific barriers of each individual student struggling with attendance and addressing each with unique resources provides a powerful customized intervention plan. These best practices explore how this can be achieved.

Event Date - Sept 22, 2022



Collaborative Ways to Improve Attendance by Addressing and Eliminating Barriers

Pam Gould, Northside ISD, TX
Assistant Director of Student Advocacy and School Choice Overseeing Attendance Interventions

How to make attendance a more positive, proactive, community-based approach to mending relationships with families and increasing engagement with schools.

Proactive Methods, Tools, and Messaging Strategies that Can Be Applied Throughout the Year

Dr. Carolyn Gentle-Genitty, Indiana University, IN
Founder Pivot Attendance Solutions; Co-Founder International Network on Student Attendance (INSA); Past President, IATDP; Assoc Prof, IU School of Social Work; Asst Vice Pres for Academic Policy; Director University Transfer

Take a break from the hamster wheel. Plan your year! Assess why you do what you do and the results you are getting. Intentional defining and planning to prevent absenteeism requires methods and tools, partnerships, data interpretation, and social connections. The result of these three factors lends itself to the content necessary to identify needed messaging strategies and influence change for measurable positive outcomes.

Leveraging Counseling and Mental Health Support in Truancy Intervention

Rebecca Clark, Lewisville ISD, TX
Executive Director of Student Services
Jennifer Boniol, Lewisville ISD, TX
Coordinator, Attendance

With anxiety, depression, trauma, and other mental health influence heavily impacting absenteeism, it is critical that mental health and social and emotional learning supports are part of the truancy intervention toolbox and students needing this support are identified. Learn about two specific programs our district utilizes.

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