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April 20
Building or Improving Your Strategic Plan for Reducing Chronic Absenteeism and Truancy

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Second in Attendance Improvement Expert Series

Building Winning Attendance Teams: Team-Based Approach to Attendance Improvement

Seamless Collaboration + Whole-Team Buy-In = Attendance Improvement! The 2nd installment in our 2022-23 Expert Series highlight best practices for building the stakeholder team collaboration and engagement needed to get students back in the classroom and fully engaged.

Event Date - Nov 17, 2022



All Hands-On Deck: Attendance Team Building Strategies

Amir Alavi, M.A., J.D., Esq., Riverside County Office of Education, CA
Director of Chronic Absenteeism Reduction
Pupil & Administrative Services, Div of Leadership, Wellness, and Student Services

Reducing chronic absenteeism, particularly during the pandemic era, will require all hands on deck and a team approach at the site, district, and county levels. this workshop will explore some strategies of attendance team building, including staffing and achieving important goals. We will also review ways our attendance teams can help build an MTSS framework around our work with student attendance.

Building High-Performing Teams: A Collaborative Approach to Attendance Improvement

Dr. Kim Wallace, EdD, Professional Education Consultant, CA
Process Makes Perfect, Author, Leading the Launch, Solution Tree Sept 2021

We've all participated on teams throughout our professional careers to varying degrees of success. The simple truth is: Teams are made, not born. In order for a group of people to operate as a highly functioning team, they must work together to achieve a common goal for which all members are held mutually accountable (DuFour, et al 2016). This workshop will help you maximize your team's impact implementing mindsets, behaviors, and practices that work.

School Attendance Teams in Action: Data-Based Decision-Making

Patricia A. Graczyk, PhD, University of Illinois Chicago, IL
Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry

School Attendance Teams (SATs) lead efforts to improve school attendance and address school attendance problems at their schools. SATs often focus their work at the individual student level, i.e., on those students who are displaying school attendance problems. Although this level of analysis is an important one, strategic use of data to improve school attendance warrants a broader approach, one that focuses on the use of multiple levels of data to guide the selection of effective interventions. This presentation will discuss the membership, roles, and responsibilities of SATs, with an emphasis on the strategic use of data beyond the individual student level to select effective strategies and interventions.

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