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April 20
Building or Improving Your Strategic Plan for Reducing Chronic Absenteeism and Truancy

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Third in Attendance Improvement Expert Series

Aggregating and Disaggregating Attendance Data for Actionable Attendance 

The value of the data is key to building multi-tiered attendance improvement interventions that are individualized and meaningful interactions with each student and family. Third in our 2022-23 Expert Series, join our summit for what data points to collect and watch, how to read the numbers, and which strategies and programs may respond to what you learn.

Event Date - Jan 19, 2023



Carolyn Gentle-Genitty, PhD, Founder Pivot Attendance Solutions

Data is a Bucket with Holes: 10 Questions to Plug Holes

Data is only as good as its use. Most US attendance data collection efforts are conducted to meet local or federal requirements. In sum, they are not collected to take action but to report on impactful progress or trends for early action. Using a workshop format, this session guides participants through answering 10 questions researchers use to determine data collection protocols and define hypotheses. These questions answer the biggest question of all "What story do you want to tell with data?" Participants are invited to bring a team of at least 3-4 of their colleagues, who are in the same room, to follow along and answer the questions for their own schools. They will then leave with a completed worksheet for their own schools. Perception of School Social Bonding  - Instrument and Scoring

Ronnie Edwards, Gaby Pulido, and Donna Minix (District Level)
Lizzie Herring and Sonya Rebec-Dobbs (Campus level), Katy ISD, TX

Leveraging Attendance Supports to Improve Student Success

In our presentation, we will share how Katy ISD (a large suburban district of 92,500 students near Houston, TX) is leveraging RaaWee at the district level to support campus efforts in improving student outcomes.

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