TATDP Welcome & Member Business

Susan Holloway

TATDP President, Director of Student Outreach and Attendance, Pearland ISD

Robert Montgomery

TATDP Vice President, Director of Safety, Security & Transportation, McKinney ISD

Xavier Warren

TATDP Treasurer, Behavior Interventionist, Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD

Gregory Corradino

TATDP Assistant Treasurer, Admissions and Truancy Prevention Officer, Klein ISD

Isaac Smith

TATDP Parliamentarian, Specialist IV Stay In School Coordinator, Fort Worth ISD

Kenya Washington Clements

TATDP Secretary, Wisdom High School At Risk Program Administrator, Houston ISD

Nathaniel Broussard

TATDP Executive Board Member, Attendance Officer, Cypress Fairbanks ISD

Johnny Barrington

TATDP Past President, Lead Truancy Officer, HEB ISD

General Welcome

Saleem qazi

RaaWeek12 Solutions

Janie Wilson

RaaWeek12 Solutions

Jolie Critchfield

Director of Student Supports and Innovations Marysville JUSD

Knowing the "Why" is Most Important at a School Site....from support staff (custodian, paras, office staff) to teachers and administration

For the past several years we have been experiencing a complexity of challenges as a school, family, and community. Now more than ever, we need every member of our school community to help meet the needs of our students for school success. This includes implementing and maintaining school climate, recognizing when a student is in need of mental health support, celebrating student and family success.

Carolyn Gentle-Genitty

PhD, Founder Pivot Attendance Solutions; Co-Founder International Network on Student Attendance (INSA); Past President, IATDP; Associate Professor, Indiana University School of Social Work; Assistant Vice President for Academic Policy; Director University Transfer Office

Mental Health Factors for Students Who Miss School

Today it may feel as if many factors changed regarding student mental health. The reality is the pandemic upended what was considered norm. No matter our economic or educational status most human beings can maintain good mental health despite 20% uncertainty or life disruption. These may include minor changes in everyday routines. During the pandemic however, 80% of what was consistent or known, changed. For schools it pulled the covers and exposed what was already being held with a thin thread for students. The result was spikes in school withdrawal, school refusal, school avoidance, truancy, and increase in socio-emotional risk factors. By identifying the factors of a school withdrawal, avoidance, or refusal student, we are able to match them to tiered approaches for mental health intervention.

Mark Mendoza

Director of Student Retention and Truancy Prevention (The Alpha Initiative)

The El Paso ISD’s Alpha Initiative: Making A Difference One Student At A Time

This presentation will explore the evolution of the Alpha Initiative Attendance Team into a Multi-Functional Rapid Response Team with the stated mission of removing barriers to student education and attendance prior to and in light of the rapidly changing educational playing field as impacted by a worldwide pandemic.